Global or local identity? Nepalese students’ orientations towards learning English and Cantonese in Hong Kong

Global or local identity

By Chura Bahadur Thapa Chair: Mark Bray This seminar will report on a qualitative study of the identities of 28 secondary school Nepalese students in Hong Kong schools. All participants were in English-medium classes and fluent in English, and some were also fluent in Cantonese. During the unstructured interviews and informal interactions as a form of […]

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Visit to a Japanese Juku


Yoko Yamato (CERC Associate Member, resident in Tokyo) and Zhang Wei (CERC Secretary and Postdoctoral Fellow) are conducting research on shadow education in Japan. This includes interviews with stakeholders in the industry, and visits to a number of jukus. One of these jukus is called The Scientific Education Group (SEG). The company was formed in […]

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Education in Eritrea: Features, Challenges and Policy Goals


By Tedros Sium Mengesha Chair: Mark Bray Contemporary African education systems have their roots in colonial eras. Though it would be naïve to say that colonialism had no merits at all, colonial education in Africa was characterised by glaring injustice and inequalities. After independence, the various liberation movements proclaimed top priority to reconstructing education to […]

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