Financing of Education in Indonesia

Edited by Mark Bray & R Murray Thomas

1998, 135 pp

ISBN 10: 971-561-172-9
ISBN 13: 978-971-561-172-5

HK$140 (local), US$20 (overseas)

Published by Comparative Education Research Centre (CERC) & Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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This book results from a collaborative research project on the costs and financing of education in Indonesia. It focuses on all levels of education, and presents important data not only on public expenditures but also on household, community and other non-government expenditures. The analysis of private costs and financing includes focus on Islamic madrasahs and other religious institutions. The book is a seminal work which will be of value in the international framework as well as in the Indonesian one.


Chapter 1: The Indonesian Context
Chapter 2: The Education and Financing Systems
Chapter 3: Educational Expenditure 1995-1996
Chapter 4: School-Level Spending – Primary Schools
Chapter 5: School-Level Spending – Junior Secondary Schools
Chapter 6: School-Level Spending – Senior Secondary Schools
Chapter 7: Private Schools
Chapter 8: Higher Education
Chapter 9: Conclusions and Recommendations