Comparative Education Research Centre

Welcome to the Comparative Education Research Centre


Established in 1994, in the Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, CERC builds on the Faculty’s expertise in comparative and global studies in education. The aims of the Centre are:

  • to facilitate, participate in and initiate a wide range of research projects with comparative perspectives;
  • to support comparative research in education, and to disseminate information throughout the region and further afield through publications, newsletters, research activities, including seminars, symposiums, conferences, etc.;
  • to establish and maintain a wide range of contacts with educational researchers and research institutions in China, in the region and internationally;
  • to provide a centre upon which institutions and organisations within the region can draw for human and other resources for contract research, consultancies, and training in research methods.

CERC is research-oriented, and welcomes links with individuals and institutions with comparative and international interests locally and globally. We are connected with major education research societies and centres around the world.