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CERC’s 2024 Annual General Meeting

CERC held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 10, 2024 in a hybrid mode. The main purpose of the AGM was to review CERC’s performance since the last AGM in 2023. Nutsa Kobakhidze, the Director of CERC, welcomed all members and thanked the Management Committee for their support throughout the year.

During the meeting, Nutsa Kobakhidze presented the Annual Report and highlighted CERC’s notable achievements, which included a highly successful 5-year review, a new contract with Routledge, UNESCO Chair activities, and more. Throughout the review period, the Centre remained active, hosting seminars and events. CERC members published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and participated in international, local, and regional conferences. Looking ahead, CERC will co-host a conference with CESHK on November 22-24, 2024, where it will also celebrate its 30th birthday.

The minutes of the previous AGM were approved during the meeting, and an 11-minute teaser of a CERC-supported documentary film from Georgia on shadow education was screened.

The meeting adjourned at 4.05 pm, followed by a seminar featuring Maren Elfert, Senior Lecturer in International Education at King’s College London. Professor Elfert’s talk was entitled “Global Governance and the Promissory Visions of Education.”


Call for Papers for CESHK-CERC Joint Conference

CERC is excited to announce the upcoming conference in Hong Kong, jointly organized by the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK) and CERC. The conference aims to celebrate the progress and future prospects of comparative and international education in Hong Kong, China, and worldwide. We also welcome submissions that explore other areas within the field of comparative and international education. Papers can be submitted for individual presentations (with one or more authors) or panels. Presentations can be delivered in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin/Putonghua. Detailed information and the conference poster can be found below.

To submit your paper, please visit the submission link: CESHK 2024 Annual Conference Submission

Important Dates:

01.06        Submission deadline

31.07        Announcement of results

01.10        Draft program released

15.10        Deadline for presenter membership and conference registration fee payments

01.11        Final program released

For more information, please visit the CESHK website ( Stay updated on CESHK events and related happenings by joining our Facebook page (Facebook page).

We are eagerly looking forward to your participation at the conference!

CERC’s MCM on April 19th 2024

CERC’s Management Committee Meeting (MCM) was held on April 19th, 2024, via Zoom. The meeting was attended by Nutsa Kobakhidze (Director), Yang Lili (Elected Member), Jisun Jung (Elected Member), Mark Bray (Co-opted Member), Stefan Auer (Co-opted Member), and Tian Renxiang (Secretary).

The meeting opened with a welcome message from Nutsa Kobakhidze, who thanked the members for their time and contribution to CERC’s operation. The minutes from the previous MCM were approved, and updates on CERC activities were discussed. The report included confirmation of CERC’s five-year review, CERC’s participation in the CIES conference in Miami, CERC seminars, and updates on CERC’s book sales. The meeting also covered updates from various CERC Special Interest Groups (SIGs), including Shadow Education SIG, Comparative Studies in Educational Traditions SIG, and Higher Education SIG. The meeting included updates on UNESCO Chair activities, CESHK-CERC conference, CERC’s new contract with Routledge, CERC’s film project in Georgia, and potential collaborations with different organizations abroad.

The meeting ended with the announcement of CERC’s upcoming activities, including its AGM in May.

CERC Announces Spanish Translation of Its Book: Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field

CERC is proud to announce the release of the Spanish translation of “Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field,” the latest addition to its esteemed Comparative Studies book series. This highly acclaimed book, now available in Spanish, is set to continue to have a wider impact on the field of Comparative Education.

With its in-depth analysis and comprehensive exploration of crucial topics, this book has been hailed as a remarkable contribution to the discipline. It delves into fundamental questions surrounding Comparative Education, such as its disciplinary nature and the intellectual foundations that underpin its institutionalization globally. Scholars in the field have lauded the book’s meticulous research and compelling arguments (see book reviews). It provides readers with a deep understanding of the significance of Comparative Education and its impact on educational systems worldwide. By addressing key questions and offering thought-provoking perspectives, the book challenges conventional wisdom and encourages further exploration in the field.

As the 29th installment in the Comparative Studies book series, the Spanish translation of this book marks an important milestone in CERC’s commitment to promoting global dialogue and academic exchange. It is a testament to the organization’s dedication to disseminating knowledge and fostering collaboration among scholars and educators.

The book is now available:

in Spanish:

in English:

To watch the book Launch (in Spanish):



CERC MCM on September 27th

CERC Management Committee recently convened to address various important matters. Director Nutsa Kobakhidze shared updates on recent events, including CERC’s successful participation as a co-sponsor in the CESHK conference. The committee unanimously approved the minutes of the previous meeting. Discussions centered around the response to CERC’s five-year review and negotiation for cooperation with a new publisher. The committee approved an extension of the contract for the secretary. The meeting concluded with no further business discussed.

The New Leadership Team of the CESHK

CERC is delighted to announce the appointment of a new leadership team at the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK). Liz Jackson, a former director of CERC, has been elected as President of CESHK, while Nutsa Kobakhidze, the current director of CERC, has been elected as Vice-president. The executive team also includes David Sorrell as Treasurer and Gordon Tsui as Secretary.

The CESHK was founded in 1989 and provides a forum for the exchange of views, development of partnerships, and shaping of new initiatives. Among the activities of CESHK is the annual conference. Through this, and other activities such as seminars, workshops, and the society’s journal, CESHK brings together scholars from various institutions. CERC has been closely collaborating with CESHK over the years, and the two institutions will continue partnership under the current leadership.



CERC’s New Elected Member

On February 15, 2023, CERC announced the addition of a new member to its leadership team. Dr. Jisun Jung has been elected as the new elected member, replacing Dr. Peter Cobb, who has moved to the Faculty of Arts. The management committee members expressed their appreciation towards Dr. Cobb for his support and dedication to CERC over the past few years. They also conveyed their good wishes to Dr. Jisun Jung for her tenure as the new elected member. Her expertise and commitment are expected to benefit the CERC community in the years to come.

The current full list of the Management Committee Members can be seen here.

CERC Management Committee Meeting

On October 28, 2022, the CERC Management Committee met to discuss the plan for the year 2022-2023.


Nutsa Kobakhidze (Elected Honorary Director),

Peter Cobb (Elected Member),

Lili Yang (Elected Member),

Nancy Law (Ex-officio member, Associate Dean – Research),

Mark Bray (Co-opted Member),

Anatoly Oleksiyenko (Co-opted Member),

Stefan Auer (Co-opted Member).

Renxiang Tian (Acting Secretary).

The meeting discussed the new secretary of CERC, CERC membership management, the new SIG proposal, and CERC 5-year review which will be scheduled in April 2023.

CERC’s New Honorary Director

On 28 June, 2022, at the management committee meeting CERCs elected members announced a change in leadership  Dr. Nutsa Kobakhidze has become CERCs new Honorary Director, replacing Dr. Anatoly Oleksiyenko. The management committee members expressed appreciation towards Dr. Anatoly Oleksiyenko for his leadership that took place under crisis circumstances due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The management committee members wished Dr. Kobakhidze success in her tenure as a new CERC Director.  

CERC’s new collaboration with the Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague

CERC is pleased to announce that a new research project “Parental demand for shadow education: Contexts, processes, determinants and outcomes” secured funding from the Czech Science Foundation in which Dr Nutsa Kobakhidze will collaborate with the Principal Investigator of the project Dr Vít Šťastný.

This marks the continuous collaboration between CERC and the Institute for Research and Development of Education, Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague. One of the recent outcomes of this collaboration is Orbis Scholae’s special issue “Throwing Light on Shadow Education” in 2020 which was edited by Dr Vít Šťastný and Dr Nutsa Kobakhidze. Full text of the special issue can be found here