Comparative Studies in Educational Traditions


With gathering human connectivity especially over the past few decades, there is an urgent need for truly respecting and understanding differences and diversity to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts caused by “clashes of civilizations” warned by Huntington in the 1990s. Now we have arrived at a critical historical point when we seriously reflect on our approaches to differences, and search for ways to better understand and respect differences.

Comparative Studies in Educational Traditions SIG

Against this backdrop, the special interest group (SIG) on Comparative Studies in Educational Traditions focuses mainly but not exclusively on comparing and bridging different, especially Western and East Asian, educational wisdoms and traditions, searching for approaches to facilitating intellectual pluralism, and by extension to respond to global common challenges. The Comparative Studies in Educational Traditions SIG builds on the existing expertise of the CERC members and seeks to involve more colleagues, and draws attention from a wider community of comparative education studies and education practitioners.

Dr Yang is the convener of the Comparative Studies in Educational Traditions SIG. Regular activities and seminars will be held. Please sign up here if you wish to receive newsletters from the SIG.


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