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Extension of Deadline for CESHK-CERC Conference Submissions

Dear CERC Members and friends,

We would like to inform you that the deadline for the conference abstract submission has been extended to June 15th. We look forward to receiving your submissions to celebrate CERC’s 30th birthday together, alongside CESHK’s 35th birthday. Please refer to the attached poster for more details.

Submissions can be for an individual presentation (with one or more authors) or a panel. Presentations can be in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin/Putonghua.

To submit your paper, please visit the submission link: CESHK 2024 Annual Conference Submission

Important Dates:

15.06        Submission deadline

31.07        Announcement of results

01.10        Draft program released

15.10        Deadline for presenter membership and conference registration fee payments

01.11        Final program released

For more information, please go to CESHK website ( You can also join our Facebook page which provides regular updates on CESHK events and related happenings.

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference!

Tian Renxiang


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CERC and Routledge Form New Publishing Partnership

The Comparative Education Research Centre (CERC) of the Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and Routledge have announced a new partnership for two established book series. Routledge, the leading education publisher, will now co-publish both the CERC Studies in Comparative Education and CERC Monograph series, supporting the global reach and impact of research in comparative education.

Established in 1997, CERC Studies in Comparative Education is today internationally recognised for its quality and breadth of topics, publishing titles by leading scholars from Asia and beyond. CERC Monographs is a series of concise books exploring educational trends and debates, helping to inform educational policy and practice.

Routledge will support further development of both series by working with the CERC Series Editors to attract the most innovative and impactful content in comparative education, as well as highlighting them as publishing venues for authors in the publisher’s world-class education list. CERC and Routledge have announced that the first book to be published under the new partnership will be by Professor Michael Crossley, Emeritus Professor of Comparative and International Education at the University of Bristol, UK.

Mark Bray, UNESCO Chair Professor in Comparative Education at HKU, said, “As the founder of the CERC Studies in Comparative Education, I am delighted that this new chapter for the series commences with Routledge as the co-publisher. Routledge has an excellent reputation, and the CERC team looks forward to the collaboration.”

Katie Peace, Senior Publisher for Routledge Asia Pacific, added, “We are excited to establish this new co-publishing partnership with CERC. The two series are already well established and a great fit with Routledge’s world class education research list. We look forward to future publications making a significant contribution to the field of comparative education.”

Nutsa Kobakhidze, Director of CERC, said, “At CERC, we are delighted to begin a partnership with Routledge as it marks a significant step towards advancing the field of Comparative Education. As we look forward to the publications that will emerge from this partnership, the series will contribute significantly to the academic discourse, offering new ideas that push existing intellectual boundaries.”

Yang Rui, Dean of Education at HKU, said, “The partnership between CERC and Routledge highlights a shared commitment to promoting academic excellence and facilitating the dissemination of impactful research internationally. The CERC-Routledge book series promise to be a valuable resource, providing a platform for cutting-edge research that can benefit students, scholars, school leaders and policymakers. Publications from these series will be a catalyst for thought leadership in Asia and globally.”


About Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis supports diverse communities of experts, researchers and knowledge makers around the world to accelerate and maximise the impact of their work. As a leader in the academic publishing field, Taylor & Francis publishes across all disciplines, and has one of the largest Humanities and Social Sciences portfolios. With an academic publishing heritage of over 200 years, its expertise advances trusted knowledge that fosters human progress.

Routledge, part of Taylor & Francis, is the world’s leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences, partnering with many of the most influential societies and academic bodies to publish their journals and book series.



For more information about the CERC series or details about how to submit a proposal, please contact Nutsa Kobakhidze, Director of CERC, Faculty of Education, HKU (Email:, or Katie Peace, Senior Publisher, Routledge Asia Pacific (Email:


Event announcement: The Chinese Society of Education (CSE) Annual Conference 2024 

The Chinese Society of Education (CSE) Annual Conference 2024 will take place on July 28-29, 2024, at Western University in London, Canada. This conference, with the theme “Reciprocal Learning, Collaboration, and Coprosperity: Chinese Education in Global Perspectives (互学、合作与共荣:全球视野下的中华教育),” features distinguished scholars, educators, and experts from around the world and promises to be a stimulating forum for exchanging insights and ideas on the future of Chinese education in a global context. If you’d like to participate in this event, you can read more information here.

Co-Hosts (in alphabetic order)

The Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University

The Center on Chinese Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

The Institute of Education, Tsinghua University

Keynote Speakers (in alphabetic order)

Prof. Ruth Hayhoe on “The Role of Translation in China’s Cross-Cultural Collaboration”

Prof. Zhongying Shi on “‘Teaching Without Words’: Some Thoughts on Daoism Philosophy of Education”

Prof. Xudong Zhu on “Population Change and Reconstruction of Teacher Education System in China: Cognitive Model and Factors Analysis”

Program Structure (subject to change by Jul 1, 2024)

July 27 (Sat.): Pre-Conference Events (Optional); Registration
July 28 (Sun.): Opening Ceremony, Presidential Address, Keynote Speech 1, and Plenary/Concurrent Sessions; Registration
July 29 (Mon.): Keynote Speeches 2-3, Plenary/Concurrent Sessions, Registration
July 30 (Tue.): Optional Conference Events

CERC’s 2024 Annual General Meeting

CERC held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 10, 2024 in a hybrid mode. The main purpose of the AGM was to review CERC’s performance since the last AGM in 2023. Nutsa Kobakhidze, the Director of CERC, welcomed all members and thanked the Management Committee for their support throughout the year.

During the meeting, Nutsa Kobakhidze presented the Annual Report and highlighted CERC’s notable achievements, which included a highly successful 5-year review, a new contract with Routledge, UNESCO Chair activities, and more. Throughout the review period, the Centre remained active, hosting seminars and events. CERC members published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and participated in international, local, and regional conferences. Looking ahead, CERC will co-host a conference with CESHK on November 22-24, 2024, where it will also celebrate its 30th birthday.

The minutes of the previous AGM were approved during the meeting, and an 11-minute teaser of a CERC-supported documentary film from Georgia on shadow education was screened.

The meeting adjourned at 4.05 pm, followed by a seminar featuring Maren Elfert, Senior Lecturer in International Education at King’s College London. Professor Elfert’s talk was entitled “Global Governance and the Promissory Visions of Education.”


Call for Papers for CESHK-CERC Joint Conference

CERC is excited to announce the upcoming conference in Hong Kong, jointly organized by the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK) and CERC. The conference aims to celebrate the progress and future prospects of comparative and international education in Hong Kong, China, and worldwide. We also welcome submissions that explore other areas within the field of comparative and international education. Papers can be submitted for individual presentations (with one or more authors) or panels. Presentations can be delivered in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin/Putonghua. Detailed information and the conference poster can be found below.

To submit your paper, please visit the submission link: CESHK 2024 Annual Conference Submission

Important Dates:

01.06        Submission deadline

31.07        Announcement of results

01.10        Draft program released

15.10        Deadline for presenter membership and conference registration fee payments

01.11        Final program released

For more information, please visit the CESHK website ( Stay updated on CESHK events and related happenings by joining our Facebook page (Facebook page).

We are eagerly looking forward to your participation at the conference!

CERC’s MCM on April 19th 2024

CERC’s Management Committee Meeting (MCM) was held on April 19th, 2024, via Zoom. The meeting was attended by Nutsa Kobakhidze (Director), Yang Lili (Elected Member), Jisun Jung (Elected Member), Mark Bray (Co-opted Member), Stefan Auer (Co-opted Member), and Tian Renxiang (Secretary).

The meeting opened with a welcome message from Nutsa Kobakhidze, who thanked the members for their time and contribution to CERC’s operation. The minutes from the previous MCM were approved, and updates on CERC activities were discussed. The report included confirmation of CERC’s five-year review, CERC’s participation in the CIES conference in Miami, CERC seminars, and updates on CERC’s book sales. The meeting also covered updates from various CERC Special Interest Groups (SIGs), including Shadow Education SIG, Comparative Studies in Educational Traditions SIG, and Higher Education SIG. The meeting included updates on UNESCO Chair activities, CESHK-CERC conference, CERC’s new contract with Routledge, CERC’s film project in Georgia, and potential collaborations with different organizations abroad.

The meeting ended with the announcement of CERC’s upcoming activities, including its AGM in May.

CERC Announces Spanish Translation of Its Book: Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field

CERC is proud to announce the release of the Spanish translation of “Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field,” the latest addition to its esteemed Comparative Studies book series. This highly acclaimed book, now available in Spanish, is set to continue to have a wider impact on the field of Comparative Education.

With its in-depth analysis and comprehensive exploration of crucial topics, this book has been hailed as a remarkable contribution to the discipline. It delves into fundamental questions surrounding Comparative Education, such as its disciplinary nature and the intellectual foundations that underpin its institutionalization globally. Scholars in the field have lauded the book’s meticulous research and compelling arguments (see book reviews). It provides readers with a deep understanding of the significance of Comparative Education and its impact on educational systems worldwide. By addressing key questions and offering thought-provoking perspectives, the book challenges conventional wisdom and encourages further exploration in the field.

As the 29th installment in the Comparative Studies book series, the Spanish translation of this book marks an important milestone in CERC’s commitment to promoting global dialogue and academic exchange. It is a testament to the organization’s dedication to disseminating knowledge and fostering collaboration among scholars and educators.

The book is now available:

in Spanish:

in English:

To watch the book Launch (in Spanish):



CERC’s Presence at CIES 2024 Conference in Miami





























From March 10th to 14th, CERC made noticeable presence at the CIES 2024 conference in Miami. The CERC team actively participated in the event, engaging in various activities that showcased their expertise and contributions to the field of comparative education.

One of the highlights of CERC’s presence at the conference was the establishment of a captivating book table. Displaying a wide array of publications from CERC’s book series, the book table attracted attendees who were eager to explore the latest research and publications in comparative education. CERC members were present at the table, engaging in fruitful discussions and exchanging ideas with conference participants from all over the world.

In addition, CERC members took an active role in the conference sessions, both as chairs and presenters. Their involvement spanned across diverse topics, reflecting the breadth and depth of their research interests. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from CERC scholars as they shared their insights and findings on various aspects of comparative education.

The CERC team’s presence at the conference not only highlighted their commitment to advancing comparative education but also underscored their dedication to fostering academic dialogue and collaboration. Through their active involvement, CERC continues to strengthen its position as a leading research center in the field of comparative education in Southeast Asia.

CERC-Kyoto university joint roundtable successfully held at HKU




















During the last two days, CERC concluded a successful joint roundtable event between scholars from the university of Hong Kong and Kyoto University. This event brought together experts from both institutions to explore various aspects of education and foster intellectual exchange.

The first day of the event featured three insightful presentations from the University of Hong Kong. These presentations shed light on the tacit knowledge of Chinese traditions, the formation of Chinese educational philosophy, and a new framework for approaching Chinese traditions. Notably, Dean Yang shared his personal journal of investigation on Chinese culture within the field of comparative education. The second day showcased a series of presentations from Kyoto University, covering a range of topics including assessment, shadow education, educational reform, and language education. These presentations highlighted the ongoing transformations in education within the Japanese context. The event concluded with a fruitful discussion among scholars from both institutions. They engaged in stimulating conversations, exchanging ideas, and offering perspectives from comparative viewpoints. This dialogue not only enriched the understanding of education in both regions but also paved the way for future collaborations.

The joint roundtable event attracted a diverse audience, including faculty staff, current PhD and master’s students, as well as CERC members from around the world who participated online. The event served as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering meaningful connections within the academic community. CERC is honored to have hosted this successful event and looks forward to further collaborations and intellectual exchanges with Kyoto University in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming activities and initiatives from CERC.

CERC MCM on September 27th

CERC Management Committee recently convened to address various important matters. Director Nutsa Kobakhidze shared updates on recent events, including CERC’s successful participation as a co-sponsor in the CESHK conference. The committee unanimously approved the minutes of the previous meeting. Discussions centered around the response to CERC’s five-year review and negotiation for cooperation with a new publisher. The committee approved an extension of the contract for the secretary. The meeting concluded with no further business discussed.