Shadow Education in Africa

CERC is pleased to announce the latest volume in its Monographs series. It is written by Mark Bray  and entitled Shadow Education in Africa: Private Supplementary Tutoring and its Policy Implications. It can be downloaded free of charge here, or purchased in paper copy for HK$100 or US$16 including postage.

The book builds on a Working Paper for UNESCO’s  Global Education Monitoring Report, which for the 2021/22 edition focuses on  non-state actors in education. Shadow education is recognized as a component on non-state activity of growing scale and significance.

The book addresses both Sub-Saharan and North Africa, and draws many lessons from comparative analysis. It is the first comprehensive work on shadow education in Africa, and as such is a significant milestone in the field. Particular attention is paid to regular teachers who also provide tutoring, and to private-sector enterprises.

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