Master of Education: Comparative and Global Studies in Education and Development


The University of Hong Kong is recruiting a new cohort of Master students. Apply (closing date 16 May 2016) and earn a Master of Education in Comparative and Global Studies in Education and Development from the Faculty of Education. Comparison is a fundamental tool for all forms of enquiry. When applied to education in an international setting, […]

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CGSED in Action

Vivica Xiong (seated, 5th from right), organised a teaching workshop in Hong Kong entitled “Whole Person Education in Asia” for a team of university lecturers from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam. She sees it as an example of CGSED in action!

Vivica Xiong graduated from the MEd in Comparative and Global Studies in Education and Development (CGSED) in 2013. CERC is glad that she keeps in touch. Here she shares aspects of her current work and its links to the MEd programme. I finished my MEd while working full-time at the Institute of International Education (IIE), […]

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New book in CERC-Springer Series

CERC has just published its No. 32 of CERC Studies in Comparative Education: Researching Private Supplementary Tutoring Methodological Lessons from Diverse Cultures. CERC members are entitled for 20% discount of the new book. Click here for the order information. The details of the book are as follows: Private supplementary tutoring, widely known as shadow education because of the way […]

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New Books!


CERC has in June 2015 published two new books in its Monograph Series in Comparative and International Education and Development. They are both available for free download. – Monograph No. 12 entitled UNESCO’s Origins, Achievements, Problems and Promises: An Inside/Outside Perspective from the US. by Raymond E. Wanner. Please download from here. List price: US$16/HK$100. – The […]

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Mark Bray becomes President of the Comparative & International Education Society

IMG_1818 (1)

The 60th anniversary conference of the Comparative & International Education Society in Vancouver concluded with a great success.  The conference was attended by 2,800 academics and education professionals including 31 delegates from the Faculty of Education. CERC and the Faculty had great visibility. The University and CERC logos were prominent on the conference bags, signs for the Faculty-sponsored opening reception and […]

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Education in Tanzania: Histories, Challenges and Policy Goals

Joyce Kahembe.CERC seminar

By Joyce Kahembe Chair: Mark Bray This presentation focuses on education in Tanzania since Independence in 1961. The contemporary education system has roots in colonial education. Few Tanzanians received education in that system, which was designed to serve the colonial regime. After Independence, the government introduced major reforms to serve Tanzania’s social, economic and political […]

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Global or local identity? Nepalese students’ orientations towards learning English and Cantonese in Hong Kong

Global or local identity

By Chura Bahadur Thapa Chair: Mark Bray This seminar will report on a qualitative study of the identities of 28 secondary school Nepalese students in Hong Kong schools. All participants were in English-medium classes and fluent in English, and some were also fluent in Cantonese. During the unstructured interviews and informal interactions as a form of […]

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