Higher Education

Higher education research aims to develop future academics, policy makers, and practitioners in higher education (HE). It provides a critical introduction to research, theory, and policy in this complex area from a range of national and international perspectives.

Higher Education Special Interest Group (SIG)

Since 2015, the Higher Education SIG has been actively engaged in international and comparative higher education. Higher Education SIG aims to build a vibrant research network for early career researchers in the region. From the regular seminars and meetings, early career researchers share their research ideas and findings, exchange feedback, and seek collaboration opportunities. We collaborate with the Early Career Researchers Network in Asian Higher Education Studies at the Consortium for Higher Education Research in Asia (CHERA).

Dr. Jisun Jung is a convener of the Higher Education SIG. Jie Liu, a PhD student, works with Dr Jisun Jung to organize the SIG’s activities. You can sign up below if you’d like to join the SIG and receive updates and news, including upcoming Higher Education SIG meetings and seminars.


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