Building Alliances: Schools, Parents and Communities in Hong Kong and Singapore

Maria Manzon

2004, 117 pp.

ISBN 10: 962-8093-36-3
ISBN 13: 978-962-8093-36-6

HK$50 (local), US$8 (overseas)

Published by Comparative Education Research Centre (CERC)


Governments worldwide are increasingly advocating parental and community partnerships in education. This monograph explores the evolution of parental and community partnerships in Hong Kong and Singapore, and the local and global forces that have shaped those partnerships. It focuses on the work of two government advisory bodies established to spearhead partnership advocacy: the Committee on Home-School Co-operation (CHSC) in Hong Kong, and Community and Parents in Support of Schools (COMPASS) in Singapore. Key policy actors and local academics in the two states were interviewed to gain insiders’ perspectives on the “micro-politics” of educational partnership.Comparative educators, ministries of education, and educational policy makers will gain from this book a penetrating insight into parent-school-community partnership in a pair of Asian contexts, and may find some good practices and lessons.Maria Manzon initially studied in the Philippines and in Italy, and then graduated from the MEd programme in Comparative Education at the University of Hong Kong. She has had almost 10 years of working experience in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, in the fields of finance and education.