CERC Monograph Series

Regulating Private Tutoring For Public Good: Policy Options For Supplementary Education Asia

Mark Bray and Ora Kwo

ISBN 978‐988‐17852‐9‐9

March 2014; 93 pages;

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Shadow Education: Private Supplementary Tutoring and Its Implications for Policy Makers in Asia

Mark Bray and Chad Lykins

May 2012

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Early Childhood Care and Education in the Asia Pacific Region: Moving towards Goal 1

Nirmala Rao and Jin Sun

2010; 97pp.

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Educational Reforms in Russia and China at the Turn of the 21st Century: A Comparative Analysis

Nina Ye Borevskaya, V.P. Borisenkov, Xiaoman ZHU

2010; 115pp.

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The Lending Power of PISA: League Tables and Best Practice in International Education

Eduardo Andere

2008, 138pp.

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Education Growth Aid and Development: Towards Education For All

Edited by:
Linda Chisholm Graeme Bloch Brahm Fleisch

2008; 116pp.

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Balancing the Books: Household Financing of Basic Education in Cambodia

Mark Bray Seng Bunly

2005 113pp.

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Building Alliances: Schools Parents and Communities in Hong Kong and Singapore

Maria Manzon

2004; 117pp.

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Reducing the Burden on the Poor: Household Costs of Basic Education in Gansu China

Mark Bray Ding Xiaohao Huang Ping

2004; 117pp.

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Education in the Market Place: Hong Kong's International Schools and their Mode of Operation

Yoko Yamato

2003; 117pp.

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