Cultural Conflict, Ambivalent Sexism and Private Tutoring Centers: A Social Function

By Abbas M. Arani                                 Chair: Liz Jackson

This seminar will focus on aspects of government policy and gender relations in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It will note the origins and justifications for the policies, and the implications for educational institutions. The phrase “ambivalent sexism” refers to both hostile and benevolent approaches to females and males in various social circumstances.

The seminar will focus not only on schools but also on private tutoring centers. It will note that the rigid requirements on schools are to some extent softened in the supplementary education sector. To date, the government has overlooked this matter, either deliberately or by default. As such, the seminar contributes to discussions on the social functions of educational institutions in the mainstream and in the shadow education sector.

Abbas M. Arani is a member of the Comparative Education Research Centre and a Postdoctoral fellow in the Division of Policy, Administration and Social Sciences Education at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education.

Date: 12 January 2015 (Monday)

Time: 12.45 – 14.00

Venue: Room 204 Runme Shaw Building

All are welcome!

Abbas 2