International Symposium – Ethnic Minorities in Mainstream Education: An Asian Perspective

Yew Chung Community College
Kowloon Bay International Trade and
Exhibition Centre
Hong Kong | 17th April 2015

Welcome and Opening Address
This session will open the symposium with a welcome from Dr Gary Morrison,
Deputy Director of the YCEF, and Prof. Sultana Tupuskovska-Poposka,
Vice President of YCCC.

Session 1: Equity and Equality: Ethnic Minority Education Policies
This session will consider the Asian perspective on ethnic minority education policies,
ideology and language practices through cases from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Laos.

Session 2: Ethnic Minority Education in Practice I
This session will consider the ethnic minority education policies and practices as they apply
in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Session 3: Ethnic Minority Education in Practice II and a Roundtable Discussion
The symposium will end with three case studies from Hong Kong and a roundtable discussion with
students sharing their experiences and thoughts on the day’s topics, followed by a Q&A session
with the audience.



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