Educational Collaboration and Integration: ‘Education Plus’ Action Plan of East China Normal University

Ren Youqun.CERC seminar.2018

By Ren Youqun Chair: Mark Bray Ren Youqun is Executive Vice Chairman of the University Council & Vice President of ECNU. He is also a professor in Educational Sciences. His research interests include Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology, Teacher Education, and Learning Sciences. He has published 2 books and over 80 articles, and translated 10 […]

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Critical Insights on Inherent Opportunities and Complexities Presented by Educational Sojourns

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 1.23.50 AM

By Dely Lazarte Elliot Chair: Yang Rui Using a psychological lens, this seminar will focus on the opportunities and challenges inherent in the educational sojourn experience of a considerable number of students engaged in international education. The discussion will be grounded in a developmental theory originally proposed by Urie Bronfenbrenner leading to a new perspective […]

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New MEd-CGSED Cohort


Each year, HKU welcomes a new and dynamic cohort of students for the MEd programme in Comparative and Global Studies in Education and Development (CGSED). The 25 students in the 2017/18 are as dynamic as their predecessors. They come from 9 countries/jurisdictions, namely: Croatia China Mainland Ethiopia Hong Kong Myanmar Philippines South Sudan USA Uzbekistan […]

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