CERC-Kyoto university joint roundtable successfully held at HKU




















During the last two days, CERC concluded a successful joint roundtable event between scholars from the university of Hong Kong and Kyoto University. This event brought together experts from both institutions to explore various aspects of education and foster intellectual exchange.

The first day of the event featured three insightful presentations from the University of Hong Kong. These presentations shed light on the tacit knowledge of Chinese traditions, the formation of Chinese educational philosophy, and a new framework for approaching Chinese traditions. Notably, Dean Yang shared his personal journal of investigation on Chinese culture within the field of comparative education. The second day showcased a series of presentations from Kyoto University, covering a range of topics including assessment, shadow education, educational reform, and language education. These presentations highlighted the ongoing transformations in education within the Japanese context. The event concluded with a fruitful discussion among scholars from both institutions. They engaged in stimulating conversations, exchanging ideas, and offering perspectives from comparative viewpoints. This dialogue not only enriched the understanding of education in both regions but also paved the way for future collaborations.

The joint roundtable event attracted a diverse audience, including faculty staff, current PhD and master’s students, as well as CERC members from around the world who participated online. The event served as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering meaningful connections within the academic community. CERC is honored to have hosted this successful event and looks forward to further collaborations and intellectual exchanges with Kyoto University in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming activities and initiatives from CERC.