CERC 2023 Annual General Meeting

On June 23rd, the Comparative Education Research Centre (CERC) convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM), an event that brought together members from various categories, including students, staff, and associates. The meeting commenced with Nutsa Kobakhidze, the Honorary Director, extending warm greetings to all participants and introducing the CERC Management Committee (MC). She expressed gratitude to the MC members for their supportive and collegial collaboration over the past year.

During the AGM, Nutsa provided a comprehensive report on CERC’s operations during the previous academic year. Notably, she highlighted the center’s significant accomplishment of completing its fifth five-year review, marking a milestone in CERC’s ongoing commitment to excellence and advancement in comparative education.

Following the updates on CERC’s activities, elected members Dr. Jisun Jung and Dr. Yang gave their remarks, focusing on the vibrant and impactful Special Interest Group (SIG) activities carried out by CERC throughout the year. Their insights into the SIG initiatives showcased the center’s concerted efforts to foster academic engagement and collaboration within the comparative and international education community.

After the AGM proceedings, the attendees were treated to an engaging presentation by renowned scholar Keita Takayama, Professor and Director for the Global Education Office at Kyoto University, Japan. Professor Takayama’s thought-provoking lecture, titled “Engaging with the Critiques of Decolonial Scholarship in Comparative and International Education,” captivated the audience. His insightful analysis and exploration of decolonial perspectives stimulated meaningful discussions and inspired further exploration within the field of comparative education.