Family Education-Students’ Roles and Family Pedagogy

On June 6th, CERC held its seminar on the theme of “Family Education”. Two renowned education experts from East China Normal University shared their research insights on this topic. The seminars aimed to provide teachers and education professionals with practical knowledge and solutions to current challenges in the field.

The first seminar, titled “The Excessive Spillover of Students’ Roles and its Consequences,” was presented by Professor GAO Desheng. Professor GAO discussed the negative consequences of students being overloaded with responsibilities outside of the classroom, such as excessive homework, tutoring, and extracurricular activities. He emphasized the importance of balancing students’ academic, extracurricular, and personal lives to prevent burnout and enhance overall well-being.

The second seminar, titled “Towards Scientific Family Pedagogy,” was delivered by Professor LIU Lianghua. Professor LIU shared his research on the impact of family dynamics on students’ educational outcomes. He stressed that parents play an essential role in their children’s education and highlighted the importance of a collaborative and scientific approach to family pedagogy.

Professor K. K. Chan, as the chair of the seminar, also related the topic to her working and research experience in Hong Kong. She concluded the seminar as valuable to the research of family education, encouraging young scholars to conduct more useful and meaningful research in this area.

The seminars were attended by a diverse audience, including teachers, education policymakers, and researchers. The interactive sessions allowed participants to share their experiences, concerns, and opportunities related to the current challenges and research in education.

The insights shared by Professor GAO Desheng and Professor LIU Lianghua will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing teaching quality, student outcomes, and overall well-being in the education sector.