Immigrant parents and social justice: Solutions for practice, policy, and teacher education















CERC held a seminar on October 5th on immigrant parenting and social justice by Dr. Max Antony-Newman from the university of Sheffield Hallam University, the UK. The seminar focused on immigrant parenting and social justice within the Canadian context. Max presented two examples of the “funds of knowledge” approach to parental engagement for social justice, highlighting the importance of plurilingual parenting and curriculum orientations. Additionally, he emphasized the need to ensure teacher readiness for effective parental engagement through the implementation of professional standards. Following the presentation, Max engaged in a productive discussion with students and staff, addressing their questions and concerns. The seminar was chaired by Dr. Nutsa Kobakhidze, Director of CERC, and joined by 14 attendees at the meeting room and 18 online attendees from other countries and regions.