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Knowledge Exchange with the Shadow Education Sector in Korea and China

Mark Bray, Ora Kwo, Abbas Arani, Li Wenjian and Zhang Wei were invited to the First International Conference on Hakwon Education held on 11 April, 2015. Click here to watch the news report on the event in MBN.


Mark Bray and Ora Kwo gave a keynote speech on regulating private tutoring for public good in the opening of the conference. It was also an occasion to launch the Korean version of their book: CERC Monograph Series 10, “Regulating Private Tutoring for Public Good: Policy Options for Supplementary Education in Asia“.


Immediately after this conference, Mark Bray and Ora Kwo launched the Chinese IMG_5707[1]translation of the book, entitled 以公众利益规范私人补习:亚洲补习教育之政策选择  on 15 April 2015 at the CETU 10th anniversary conference in Zhengzhou, China. The CETU is a co-publisher of this version, together with the UNESCO office in Beijing.

cetu mergeThe launch was held as a keynote address in the opening ceremony of the conference, attended by over 2,000 people. The book is nowCETU3available for free download here, from CETU and from UNESCO-Beijing.







The Portuguese version of  Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring?  by Mark Bray has been published. Click here for more information about this book.


Colloque international : L’éducation en Asie en 2014 : Quels enjeux mondiaux? (Speech by Prof. Mark Bray)


Professor Julian Dierkes, Associate Professor and Keidanren Chair in Japanese Research at UBC’s Institute for Asian Research, was interviewed regarding his recently co-edited volume, Out of the Shadows: The Global Intensification Of Supplementary Education, which was published in December 2013. To watch the video, please click the following link: The Global Intensification of Supplemental Education (Interview with Dr. Julian Dierkes)

Shadow Education Special Interest Group Scholars


BRAY, Mark
UNESCO Chair Professor of Comparative Education
Director, Comparative Education Research Centre
HKU Scholars Hub
HKU website
KWO, Ora
Associate Professor
HKU Scholars Hub
personal website
Assistant Professor
HKU Scholars Hub
Personal Page
weiZHANG, Wei 
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Shadow education in China and Japan
Personal Page
liLI, Wenjian
PhD student
Tutoring centres
PhD student
Comparative education, private tutoring, and teacher professional development
RafsanMAHMUD, Rafsan
PhD student
Private Tutoring in Bangladesh
yungYUNG, Wai Ho
PhD student
Shadow education, English learning motivation, learners' experience
personal website
LIU, Junyan
PhD student
Private tutoring in Beijing, mainland China
FENG, Siyuan
PhD student
Shadow education, Tutor's Profesional development, Teacher Training
GHOSH, Pubali
MEd student
Shadow Education in India.
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