CERC Announces Spanish Translation of Its Book: Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field

CERC is proud to announce the release of the Spanish translation of “Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field,” the latest addition to its esteemed Comparative Studies book series. This highly acclaimed book, now available in Spanish, is set to continue to have a wider impact on the field of Comparative Education.

With its in-depth analysis and comprehensive exploration of crucial topics, this book has been hailed as a remarkable contribution to the discipline. It delves into fundamental questions surrounding Comparative Education, such as its disciplinary nature and the intellectual foundations that underpin its institutionalization globally. Scholars in the field have lauded the book’s meticulous research and compelling arguments (see book reviews). It provides readers with a deep understanding of the significance of Comparative Education and its impact on educational systems worldwide. By addressing key questions and offering thought-provoking perspectives, the book challenges conventional wisdom and encourages further exploration in the field.

As the 29th installment in the Comparative Studies book series, the Spanish translation of this book marks an important milestone in CERC’s commitment to promoting global dialogue and academic exchange. It is a testament to the organization’s dedication to disseminating knowledge and fostering collaboration among scholars and educators.

The book is now available:

in Spanish: https://www.grupomagro.com/product-page/educaci%C3%B3n-comparada-la-construcci%C3%B3n-de-un-campo

in English: https://cerc.edu.hku.hk/books/comparative-education-the-construction-of-a-field/

To watch the book Launch (in Spanish):