Shadow Education SIG Event: Shadow education under Double Reduction policy


















Shadow Education SIG successfully held an event on September 21st. This special event featured two CGSED students, Wei Yanan and Chen Lin, presenting their capstone projects on shadow education under the Double Reduction policy. The event was chaired by Mr. Tian Renxiang, secretary of CERC, and joined by Dr. Nutsa, the director of CERC, as well as more than 25 students and researchers from different countries and regions.

During the presentation, the two presenters demonstrated their understanding of the dynamics of shadow education from the perspectives of parents and teachers. Additionally, Achala, a researcher from the UK, shared her latest publication on the Double Reduction Policy following the presentations.

Now, we are excitedly looking forward to our next event on September 28th, Thursday. Stay tuned and keep an eye on your email for further details regarding this upcoming event!