Building capacity in Latin America: Science, technology and higher education to leverage development

book launch,  21 Nov

By Hugo Horta & Jae Park Chair: Mark Bray This seminar focuses a new book, co-edited by Hugo Horta, about higher education, science and technology in Latin America. It argues for the need to better integrate science technology policy and higher education policy to promote learning trajectories for inclusive development. These require strong public investments […]

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New book in CERC-Springer Series

CERC has just published its No. 32 of CERC Studies in Comparative Education: Researching Private Supplementary Tutoring Methodological Lessons from Diverse Cultures. CERC members are entitled for 20% discount of the new book. Click here for the order information. The details of the book are as follows: Private supplementary tutoring, widely known as shadow education because of the way […]

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New Books!


CERC has in June 2015 published two new books in its Monograph Series in Comparative and International Education and Development. They are both available for free download. – Monograph No. 12 entitled UNESCO’s Origins, Achievements, Problems and Promises: An Inside/Outside Perspective from the US. by Raymond E. Wanner. Please download from here. List price: US$16/HK$100. – The […]

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Education Rigorous Literature Review: Early Childhood Development and Cognitive Development in Developing Countries

ECD Review

The report of the team led by Prof. Nirmala Rao and commissioned by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) is now available online! It is entitled Early Childhood Development and Cognitive Development in Developing Countries (95 pages). The authors are Nirmala Rao, Jin Sun, Jessie M.S. Wong, Brendan Weekes, Patrick Ip, Sheldon Shaeffer, Mary Young, […]

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