Scientific giants, moral dwarfs? States, universities and scholars at the crossroads of global higher education

Speaker: Anatoly Oleksiyenko

Chair: Mark Bray

This talk considers the dilemmas tackled by higher education stakeholders in China and Russia amid increasing global tensions that heighten the sense of polarity between traditional and modern academic roles and responsibilities in teaching, research and service. At a time when global scientific prestige becomes increasingly important for the differentiation of institutional goals, missions, and capacities in national systems of higher education, university strategists in the two countries are prone to overlooking the greater purposes of “studium generale” and its contribution to enhancing human dignity. The discussion builds on the speaker’s related publication in the Comparative Education Review.

OLEKSIYENKO, Anatoly is Assistant Professor of Higher Education in the Division of Policy, Administration and Social Sciences Education at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education.

Date: Thursday 27 November 2014
Time: 12.45 – 14.00
Room 203 Runme Shaw Building

All are welcome!