Seminar: Research, Academic Life and Solutions Career Development



Wednesday 15 May 2013
Room 204 Runme Shaw, HKU Main Campus

Speaker: Ruth Hayhoe


In this roundtable-format sharing session, Ruth Hayhoe looks back at
her experiences of collaborations between academics and universities
in Canada and China, and sheds light on the paths to be taken for
continued and sustainable conversations between scholarly communi-
ties in the west and the east. She will draw upon the experience of
university partnerships across a number of disciplines and a fairly
lengthy period of time, as well as reflecting on implications for emerging
scholars. Her talk will also enlighten those who look forward to the next
year conference: “Transforming Canada-China Educational Cooperation:
Significant Legacies and Future Challenges” (Beijing, May 9-14, 2014) co-
organized by Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University
of Toronto, York University, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, and
Tsinghua University.

A paper for this talk can be downloaded here.

Ruth Hayhoe is President Emerita of the Hong Kong Institute of
Education and a professor of the Ontraio Institute for Studies in
Education at the University of Toronto. In 2009 she was given a Lifetime
Contribution Award by the Higher Education Special Interest Group of
the Comparative and International Education Society of the USA (CIES),
and in 2011 she was made an Honorary Fellow of the CIES. She is also an
Associate Members of CERC and has written many books, of which five
have been published by CERC.