Maintaining the Local and Reflecting the Global in Islamic Education

4:00 – 5:15pm
5 March 2013
Runme Shaw Building 206, HKU Main Campus

Speaker: Mina Hattori
Chair: Liz Jackson

This presentation considers the characteristics of Islamic education in the Maldives in terms of the issue of balancing local traditions with a universal perspective and a modern, global focus. It first considers the historical development and modern characteristics of Islamic education in the Maldives and then attempts a comparison with two Southeast Asian countries with Muslim majorities, Indonesia and Malaysia. The presentation will provide a basis for considering a future model of Islamic education.

Mina Hattori is an Associate Professor of Anthropology of Education and Department of Educational Sciences in the School of Education and Human Development at Nagoya University. Her research interests include:

Islamic education and Gender; Education and Development in Developing Countries; Recent Educational Reform in Southeast Asian Countries; and Development of Effective Program for women’s education.